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Arctic.......An ocean - largely frozen , surrounded by great land masses. Possessing a stunning and awesome beauty   A land of snow, ice , mountains and great glaciers.  To be on a tiny zodiac amongst the icebergs and so close to the glacier wall was immensly humbling (see image  ASI-3).

Brazil.......amazing sunsets and cloud formations over the Paraguay River (see BPS 01-03) , endless waterways ,the searing heat of the Pantanal and the great rolling hills of the Atlantic coast and this just a tiny corner of this huge sprawling country.

China......apart from the wildlife one of my abiding memories will be the wonderful food  not in the big cities but in the local villages and the amazing varieties of vegetables cooked in so many different ways. Our travels took us from the Kunming Lake and Summer Palace in Beijing to the frozen subforests of Northern China and to the Eastern Himalayas via Harbin and Chengdu

India.......a big thanks to the village of Turia (Turiya) near Pench where we spent many hours photographing in the local market.  Wonderful vibrant colours and in the fields the amazing contrast of the colourful womens' sari's against the background of fields and hay bales. The dense and beautiful teak forests of Pench (see images IPS-1/2) contrasted sharply with the grasslands and Sal forests of Bandhavgahr , Pench just gets my vote.

Kenya.....The endless plains and savannah of the Mara are dotted with small Masai villages and lodges/camps. Part of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, this is the home of the Great Wildebeest migration coming north out of Tanzania.  With the Mara river in flood and the wildebeest and zebra herds crisscrossing the Mara river this makes one of the great spectacles on earth.  

Madagascar...... formerly the Malagassy Republic, Madagascar is the worlds 4th largest Island. Gerald Durell once compared Madagascar to being shaped "like a badly made omelette lying off the coast of Africa but like all  good omelettes containing a wealth of good things inside it". A great mixture of peoples with strong afro-arabic influences, spiny desert, Baobab forests and still some remaining rainforest and dry forest with 90% of the plants native to Madagascar not found anywhere else.

UK......Coming Soon