LJS Images


Arctic........Survival is dependant on effectively dealing with extremely low temperatures .  e.g. Migration, increased feather/coat density , reduced heart and metabolic rate , periods of dormancy. Species are naturally limited and photographically its about quality over quantity. Typically the Arctic fox unbelievably survives this harsh climate wearing two different outfits one for winter and one for summer (see images AHBAF-4 and AWW-4) 

Brazil......Some known 2600 species of Mammals, Birds and Reptiles.  Parrots, Toucans,Macaws, Trogons, Jaguars, Anteaters, Tapir , Giant Otters, Capybara , many primates, Caiman. Snakes et al.  An amazing feast for the photographer but conditions can be testing.  Chasing Anteaters across rolling hills and photographing the wonderful and raucous Hyacinth Macaw was challenging. 

China.....An amazing diversity of wildlife with many species under serious threat from habitat loss and pollution. The Siberian Tiger images were taken in Northern China in a reserve near Harbin whilst the Pandas were taken in Wolong in Western China on the Tibet border prior to the recent earthquake.  An early morning excursion clambering several hundred feet in heavy snow high in the mountains bordering Tibet brought some treasured images of the beautiful Red Panda but only for a few fleeting minutes (see images CWRP 1-4). 

India......Some 2500 known species of Birds and Mammals many living under the threat of habit loss and fragile protection against the demands of a burgeoning population, many living in serious poverty.  Images are mainly from Central India and some frustrating days tracking tigers in Rudyard Kiplings Jungle book region - the wonderful forests of Pench  which finally surrended a mother and 4 cubs after many fruitless days (see images IWT 2-4). 

Kenya.....The Great Rift Valley a 4000 mile fissure in the earths crust slices through the heart of Kenya .  Thru Lake Turkana rising to Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru and southwards into Tanzania.  The lakes are home to millions of Flamingoes, Pelicans, Egrets, Herons , and the vast plains of the Masai Mara providing arguably the greatest concentration of viewable wildlife to be found anywhere on earth.  

Madagascar......"My personal jewel in the crown" and Sir David Attenborough once described Madagascar as "The Naturalists Treasure Chest".   From several trips made to this amazing country I would describe this as a wildlife photographers paradise .  Totally unique in its diversity of fauna , with a photographic accessablity given an acceptance of some degree of effort and fortitude.  The stunning and haunting call of the Indri in the forests of Perinet (see image MWL-21)will remain with me for all time. 

UK......Probably a little overlooked during the last couple of decades but slowly putting that right since retiring from the "picturesque logistics Industry" so a number of projects are planned to put that right.